Al-Aqsa Architecture

Mosques and Musallas

It is well known that all parts and squares of al-Aqsa Mosque are considered as a part of it and they all have the same sanctity and the double of reward as well. The mosque contained a number of roofed musallas and mosques, some of them were built in the early Islamic era, while others were set up as a musalla nowadays for reasons of maintaining and safeguarding al-Aqsa and providing suitable places for worshipers. It can be observed that these musallas are located in three levels, including the general level (ground), and what is below this level (basements), and what is high on a terrace (such as the Dome of the Rock Musalla).

Al-Aqsa in History

Al-Aqsa Mosque during the Crusader Occupation

Since the Islamic conquest in 16 HD / 636 AD, the era of the Crusader occupation of Jerusalem (al-Quds) was one of the worst and hardest periods in the history of the city in general and al-Aqsa Mosque in particular.

Al-Aqsa in Islam

The significance of Al-Aqsa to the Sahabah

To investigate the importance of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Islam, we need to clarify how the Prophet’s companions (Sahaba) perceived the reputability of Al-Aqsa Mosque based on their eternal biography and their practical perception of its significance.

Al-Aqsa Architecture

Introduction about Al-Aqsa Mosque

Masjid Al-Aqsa is located in the south-east part of the walled city of al-Quds (which is called today the old town). Al-Aqsa is a name to everything surrounded by the wall of Al-Aqsa and comprises of all mosques musalla inside such as Al-Qibli mosque (located on the south side) and the Dome of the Rock (located in the Masjid’s center) in addition to about 200 other sites and buildings located within its borders (walls)

Al-Aqsa Architecture

Arched Gates

Arched gates, also called “scales,” comprise a number of stone or marble columns that are linked together using arches. A number of arched gates surround the Dome of the Rock’s plateau on

Al-Aqsa in History

1969: Al-Aqsa Arson

Since 1967, the Israeli Occupation has deliberately attacked al-Quds and purposely attempted to destroy al-Aqsa Mosque, and instead of it, Israel proposes to rebuild a Jewish temple.

Al-Aqsa Architecture


The minaret is a high building that the muezzin ascends to raise the adhaan and the call to prayer. It is one of the prominent architectural elements that were added to al-Aqsa Mosque in


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