How was the relation between the companion Abdullah bin Omar (ra) and al-Aqsa Mosque?

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Like the rest of the companions, Abdullah bin Omar (ra), a senior companion, had a unique relation with al-Aqsa, and indicates his understanding of the significant of al-Aqsa mosque. The great companion Abdullah bin Omar (ra), his relation and pertinence to Al-Aqsa mosque was very strong and unique. He used to come from Hijaz to Al-Quds to pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and then go back to Hijaz and do not even drink water hoped to be awarded by Sulaiman bin Dawud prayer in the following hadeeth. “When Sulaiman bin Dawud finished building Baitil-Maqdis, he asked Allah for three things: judgment that was in harmony with His judgment, a dominion that no one after him would have, and that no one should come to this mosque, intending only to pray there, but he would emerge free of sin as the day his mother bore him.” The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Two prayers were granted, and I hope that the third was also granted”[1] “The companions then the followers used to travel to Al-Aqsa mosque only to visit and pray without any other intentions”.

In the hadeeth narrated by Umm Salamah -the Prophet’s (pbuh) wife- said, “I heard the messenger of Allah (pbuh) says,” “If anyone puts on ihram for hajj or umrah from Al-Aqsa mosque to Masjid Al-Haram, his former and latter sins will be forgiven”.[2] Therefore, many of the companions followed the same way such as Ibn Omar (ra), who was put on to hajj from al-Aqsa mosque.

[1] Narrated by Ahmed, An-Nasa’I and Ibn-Majah

[2] Narrated by Abu Dawood

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