Al-Aqsa in Islam

Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Sunnah

The Sunnah has an abundance of hadiths and events that indicate the great sanctity of Masjid Al-Aqsa and its significance and holiness, as well as the Prophet’s (pbuh) and his companions’ attention to the Masjid.

Al-Aqsa Defenders

Murabiteen: The Frontline of Defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Murabiteen and Murabitat, or Murabitoun, or Murabito Al-Aqsa are groups or individuals from Al-Quds city (Jerusalem) and its surroundings, and [Palestinian] Muslim citizens of the occupied lands in 1948. They devoted themselves and their time to stay at Al Aqsa Mosque to guard its gates and protect it from attacks by “Israeli” soldiers

Al-Aqsa Architecture


A large number of doors and giant gates were opened in the walls of al-Aqsa Mosque. The number reached 14 gates to suit the needs of the residents and the

Al-Aqsa in Danger

The Azan Ban in Al-Aqsa and the mosques of Al-Quds

“The ban on Azan in al-Quds” is the latest Zionist bill introduced by the extreme right to ban the Muslim call for prayer during the night in the mosques of al-Quds and the Palestinian towns within the Green Line. The first reading was approved in March 2017 at the Israeli Knesset (parliament).

Al-Aqsa Architecture


A platform is a flat space made of stone that is elevated from Al-Aqsa’s surface, it is usually connected to a few steps and has a niche carved in it pointing towards

Al-Aqsa Architecture


There are 32 water sources inside Al-Aqsa Mosque: two pools, two cisterns, eight sabeels (a public water source that is meant to service people for free), and twenty wells, that were built and

Al-Aqsa in Danger

Attempts to Burn and Blow up Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Zionist authorities sought to demolish al-Aqsa Mosque since they completed their occupation of Palestine in 1967. By occupying the eastern part of al-Quds, where the Old City is located, al-Aqsa Mosque became a direct target under the Zionist fire, through several and repeated aggressions aimed to demolish the Mosque in order to build the Jewish “Temple” on its ruins.


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